What is the best breed to cross with Limousin?

Limousins are especially favoured for crossbreeding with cattle such as Angus, Hereford and Shorthorn because of their ability to contribute hybrid vigour, and improve the yield and feed conversion efficiency of these British breeds, which produce higher levels of fat and marbled meat. Is Red Angus better than black? Also, on the table, there is […]

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Why do Shar Peis have so many health problems?

The demodex mange mite lives inside the hair follicles of all normal dogs. In some unfortunate individuals, especially short-coated breeds such as the Shar pei, these mites proliferate and cause extensive skin inflammation. How long do Shar Peis live for? Shar Pei Do Shar-Pei have health problems? Health. There are some unusual and specific health […]

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Why do Weimaraners bark so much?

Weimaraners are protective dogs and bark for many reasons. These include being territorial and protective, bored, lacking exercise, fear or anxiety, separation anxiety and others. Barking can be controlled through consistent commands, positive reinforcement, regular exercise and early socialization. How much do Weimaraners bark? Weimaraners are not really a barky breed per se, but they […]

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What is the purpose of a Belgian Blue Cow?

While cattle generally have two purposes, milk production and meat, the Belgian Blue Cattle is used almost exclusively as a meat production cattle. Are Belgian Blue cattle healthy? Problems with deformities of the jaw and over-enlarged tongues (which affect the calf’s ability to suckle and hence its survival) as well as respiratory, heart and reproductive […]

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