Are American Eskimo dogs good for first time owners?

High-spirited and cheery, American Eskimo dogs make great companion pets because of their well-behaved and friendly disposition. They’re loyal to their humans and have a gentle temperament, so they make excellent family dogs and do well around children. Do Eskimos bark alot? The American Eskimo is a family dog. Eskies are very loyal and need […]

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Is Pomsky a husky?

The pomsky dog is not a true breed but, rather, a cross between the Siberian husky and the Pomeranian. One of a number of designer dogs, pomskies are a very recent breed that’s gaining in popularity thanks primarily to their photogenic appearance and prevalence on social media. Can a Pomsky be as big as a […]

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What do Jindos like?

The Jindo are a social breed that will become lonely, bored, and even depressed if lacking contact with their owners. These dogs make great apartment-dwellers. They need frequent walks to burn of their high energy, but their natural neatness and desire to be close to people makes them good indoor dogs. What do Jindo dogs […]

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